cropped-cropped-nmp_rgb_logos_original-e14495917967551.pngThe Next Mile Project is a collaborative community and coworking space where mission-driven nonprofits connect, learn, and grow.

Important News: Social Innovation Forum Acquires Next Mile Project

We are thrilled to share with you exciting news: The Social Innovation Forum (SIF) has acquired the Next Mile Project, combining our strengths and expertise to create one of the nation’s largest social change ecosystems — and solidifying Boston’s role as a hub for social innovation.

Our partnership is a strong example of how strategic nonprofit M&A can expand networks and deepen impact in a community and the acquisition validates Next Mile Project’s experiment in providing world-class professional services, a supportive and collaborative community, and educational and executive training for social entrepreneurs. By acquiring the Next Mile Project, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) supplements its core program of accelerating social good organizations and engaging funders and supporters with Next Mile Project’s collaborative coworking assets.

Read more about the acquisition and the opportunities it presents for Boston’s social impact community.

More than just an office

Next Mile Project is a collaborative, community space dedicated to helping nonprofits work productively, build their capacity, and broaden their networks to achieve social impact. We strive to build an inclusive community of diverse programs and leaders who engage and grow together.

In addition to basic office amenities, members have access to workshops, trainings, peer-to-peer network building, and other events and activities to connect more deeply with Boston’s philanthropic and social sector leaders.

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