Video: Tanzanian Children’s Fund 10 Year Anniversary

Check out this video that our fall 2013 media lab intern, Amber, made for the Tanzanian Children’s Fund for their 10-year anniversary!

The Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF) is a nonprofit that provides funds and support for the Rift Valley Children’s Village which provides a home for orphaned children. I was asked to create a three minute video to show at TCF’s 10 year anniversary gala. The organization already had a 10 minute long video that shared a number of important details about who they are and what they do, among other things; however, they felt a 10 minute long video was too long to show at a party. They wanted a video that could easily be watched at a party and shared over social media and other outlets that would engage audiences in a quicker manner. My job was to cut the 10 minute long video down to three minutes while still sharing the TCF’s story and key points the organization wanted to get across.