Video: Komera Ambassador Network Summit 2013 – Boston

Our fall 2013 media lab interns, David and Kelly, created this video for Komera. Check it out below!

Komera is a global leadership incubator for young women dedicated to building an international network of community leaders through comprehensive scholarship packages, leadership training, mentorship, social entrepreneurship camps, global summits and “Global Fun Runs.” This video highlights Komera’s annual ambassador summit, which is an event hosted by Executive Director Margaret Butler. This year the summit was held in the Boston area and provided young girls with the opportunity to learn about how they can become social entrepreneurs and establish their own non-profit projects within their own communities. During the summit, the students completed workshops and heard from well-established entrepreneurs, which ultimately helped each girl identify a social issue that was important to them. From there, they will take the skills they have acquired to launch their own non-profits with the help of Margaret Butler and Isabelle Byusa as their mentors.