The Philanthropy Connection welcomes a new part time administrator, Marta Pagán-Ortiz

The Philanthropy Connection welcomes a new part time administrator to their team, Marta Pagán-Ortiz
Zoe Emerson, Media Lab intern, Emerson College 2015The Philanthropy Connection  understands the natural ability women possess for care giving- they were clearly able to see those qualities in newly appointed staffer Marta Pagán-Ortiz.

The Philanthropy Connection is a women’s giving collective that is currently comprised of approximately 130 women; the organization believes that women are afforded an inherent ability to provide care and give back in a more active way than men, according to their website.
TPC is a volunteer based organization of women who come together to give grants and other volunteer services to those in need in their home state of Massachusetts.The nonprofit makes it possible for other organizations to achieve their goals and improve the quality of life for people with limited resources in Massachusetts.
Pagán-Ortiz started with TPC as a Young Philanthropy Fellow Member last summer, and was hired this past October as the nonprofit’s first part time employee. The Young Philanthropy Fellow program is a scholarship that aims to redefine philanthropy for young women by giving them the opportunity to be invested in their community even if they are unable to pay the membership fee to join TPC.
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There are currently four other young women along with Pagán-Ortiz in this program.The Young Philanthropist Scholarship  allowed for Pagán-Ortiz to volunteer on The Philanthropy Connection’s grants committee, an opportunity that ultimately placed her in a much larger role than anyone expected.

“I ended up working more hours for them because there was so much to do,” said Pagán-Ortiz  “We expected about 50 organizations to apply for their grants, but actually got 140.”

The nonprofit is currently preparing for their first round of grants awarded in December of this year. Due to Pagán-Ortiz’s hard work and commitment with the organization, she was top choice when it came time to hire an administrator.

“I had just obtained a Masters in Counseling Psychology and was applying to PhD programs,” said Pagán-Ortiz  “I didn’t want a full-time job so this position just sort of felt like a natural transition.”

Pagán-Ortiz acts as a liaison for the different committees, of which there are five, making sure they have the resources they need. She also ensures the organization as a whole is moving towards standardizing practices.

“We’re still in year one, so we’re putting systems into place to make sure we’re documenting everything correctly and creating an effective model.”

Pagán-Ortiz expressed how excited she is to be working in the Next Mile Project space.

“I sat in on one of the lunch presentations,” she said, “and I really learned a lot just from engaging in the community. It’s nice to be in a space where everyone’s doing different work but towards the same goal.”

While the nonprofits in the Next Mile Project space are working towards different specific goals, the end goal of improving the quality of life for people is universal.

TPC is also comprised of like-minded yet diverse individuals.

“We pride ourselves on the diverse experiences and skills that our members bring to our organization,” she said. “We want women who are new to philanthropy, as well as women who have been engaged in philanthropy for years.”

For Pagán-Ortiz  this pride in diversity is what makes working with The Philanthropy Connection a vastly important and lasting experience.