Video: Broad Street Maps – Our Story

Our fall 2013 media lab interns, Kelly and Aakruti, created this video for Broad Street Maps. Check it out below!

While studying Geography and Global Health at Middlebury College, Anna Clements and Hannah Judge wanted to learn more about the intersection between the two fields, and began researching how maps could be used to more effectively show patterns and trends in public health. Upon discovering that mapping is extremely underutilized among global health organizations, the two decided to start Broad Street Maps, an organization that uses geographic data to determine why some people in certain areas are disproportionately affected by health problems. Now, they travel the world using GPS technology to mark location coordinates that they can use for their maps. With this data, they are able to develop maps that will allow them to improve operational efficiency and communication strategies amongst global health organizations. This video shares their compelling story of how Broad Street Maps came to be and is changing the way society utilizes maps.The media lab created this video for their presentation at the ITU World’s Young Innovators Competition in Bangkok, November 2013.