Creating Short, Effective Videos On a Budget

Making videos of any kind has never been easy. However, it’s never been easier than it is now. Media Lab intern, Laura Hanson, has designed and presented  a workshop for nonprofits who want to take advantage of visual storytelling to share their work and engage new audiences.

Today’s nonprofits know that regularly producing and sharing videos online is a powerful communication tool. Yet too often- lack of time, resources, and technical knowhow get in the way of using video to it’s fullest potential. After making a short video for a nonprofit in Namibia, Laura gathered the best resources and practical advice she had received for creating these effective videos into a comprehensive guide geared toward brainstorming, planning and executing a short film project.

Full “Workshop Participant Guide” below!

Video Strategy for Nonprofits: Creating Short, Effective Videos on a Budget

**If you are a nonprofit who is looking to use this form of communication better- we suggest you take advantage of this valuable resource– and then share it with colleagues and friends!**