Nonprofit Social Media Policy

Here at Next Mile Project, we are just starting to build and create our social media presence. At the same time, we are also trying to figure out how to explain what we want to post to others, like our media lab interns, so they can help us interact and share on social media channels more frequently and with better content. To help us form a guideline, we started by searching google for templates and samples and low and behold the internet came through for us again. We found an extremely thorough workbook created by idealware that helps nonprofits create a social media policy. It even has a supplemental template with sample language from other nonprofit’s policies. Idealware is an awesome website to check out in itself, the company helps nonprofits make smart software decisions.

Here is a list of the top 10 most helpful links we found while trying to create our social media policy, including the idealware workbook and supplemental template. We’d love to get your feedback on the information we found and hear about any other articles, workbooks or templates that help nonprofits create social media policies and guidelines, email If your organization has had success creating a social media policy and would be comfortable sharing it with others as an example, please email us as well!

1) Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook

2) Social Media Policy Template – to accompany the Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook (doc)

3) 14 Questions to Ask When Developing Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Policy

4) Creating a Social Media Policy

5) Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation at (Company)

6) 5 Noteworthy Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies

7) Blogging and Social Media Policy Sample

8) Online Database of Government and Nonprofit Social Media Policies

9) Simple Sample Social Media Policy (doc)

10) 10 Issues to Address in Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Policy