Infographics for TOWNS

Spring 2014 graphic design intern, Carolynne, a senior studying at the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University, was asked to create three separate infographics for the nonprofit, The One World Network of Schools (TOWNS). One infographic was to be a map of the world highlighting the locations of TOWNS schools while tying in an interesting fact about that country in a visually appealing way. The countries’ flag colors were used to make the country stand out and also reference to the given fact. The remaining two infographics were open to interpretation given the words “grow” and “cross-pollinate.” For the graphic “grow,” the process of a living plant came to Carolynne’s mind to show stages of growth. The “Cross-pollinate” graphic shows the separation of two honeycombs, by the difference in colors, crossing paths with the bright arrows. The infographics are below for you to view!