Graphic Design Workshop for Beginners

The Graphic Design Workshop for Beginners was taught by Next Mile Project Media Lab interns, Allison Woodland and Darshana Mehta, both are seniors at Suffolk University’s New England School of Art and Design majoring in Graphic Design.

The workshop covered topics such as branding, design layout, hierarchy and color through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create an effective one-page flyer using Photoshop. To do this, the interns had already created the document and the workshop played the role of guiding beginners through the creation process and teaching the rationale behind each step. Through the example of a simple one-pager, the workshop taught transferable skills for nonprofit leaders to use in all aspects of creating their organization’s print material.

Below is a tutorial series based off the presentation given at the lunch+learn. It is broken down in three parts to be viewer friendly, we hope this helps!

Video tutorials were edited and produced my media lab intern Laura Hanson

Part 1: Branding

Part 2: Building a one-pager

Part 3: Elements of a success