The Myth of Overhead

Stephanie Dodson and Michelle May visited the Next Mile Project to answer common questions regarding overhead: What is overhead and how can nonprofits calculate it? What are the myths and best practices? What do donors care about when it comes to overhead?

They gave attendees honest information about overhead and what is realistic as well as how donors view overhead and tips on starting an honest conversation about your nonprofit’s budget with your board and donors. Check out a copy of their presentation and notes on the lunch for more information.

The Myth of Overhead Notes

The Myth of Overhead Presentation

Stephanie Dodson – Co-founded three social ventures: Strategic Grant Partners, a coalition of families that combines philanthropic investing and pro bono consulting to address issues for Massachusetts children in poverty, Project Healthy Children, to design and implement food fortification programs to improve basic health in developing countries and the Maranyundo Initiative, a boarding school for girls and a teacher enrichment program in Rwanda. She recently completed the Harvard Advanced Leadership fellowship and is currently an advisor and board member for several different nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

Michele D. May – After a fulfilling career in the financial sector, she now devotes her time and energy to working as an advisor to non-profit organizations in the Boston area. She is actively involved on the Board and as a volunteer with two organizations:Rosie’s Place – an organization providing extensive services for poor and homeless women, and Artists for Humanity – an entrepreneurial after school program providing underserved urban teens with paid jobs and training in art and design services. Her current project is working with the senior management team at Artists for Humanity on a one-year professional development initiative, to explore and develop the key skills needed to be a strong manager and leader in their dynamic entrepreneurial non-profit setting.