Resource Management in a Small Shop Nonprofit

Aixa Beauchamp, a philanthropy and nonprofit management consultant and Rita Lara, a strategic development coach and social change fundraiser, led a hands-on workshop on resource management in a small shop nonprofit. The interactive discussion revolved around how to build an organizational culture that supports fundraising and resource management.

Organizations with limited resources can find themselves short on money and scrambling to raise funds. This leads to a reactionary approach that taps personnel and programmatic resources and is ultimately unsustainable. This can be especially problematic for small organizations where fundraising and development requires all hands on deck. Having a sound foundation, good systems and a solid plan in place are especially critical to good resources management in organizations with no fundraising and development staff. The workshop aimed to provide conceptual frames for thinking about and planning for sustainable resource management in a small shop. Hopefully participants emerged from this workshop with a newfound sense of energy about fundraising to support their mission. Attached are materials Aixa and Rita provided to the participants.

Sample – Directors’ Individual Work Plan for FY

Sample – Plan for Tiering and Managing Donors

Bios – Aixa Beauchamp & Rita Lara