Selecting an Online Tool Set to Manage Donors

Maureen Wallbeoff, Vice President of Firefly Partners, joined us for a Lunch+Learn to tackle the decision of choosing online tool sets and to explore best practices in donor management. A strong approach in managing donors maximizes a nonprofit’s ability to meet current needs while preparing for their future growth. In Maureen’s “low-tech conversation about high-tech stuff,” she explained a three-step process for nonprofits to identify what they need. She empathized with us about the overwhelming amount of options for donor systems and assured us that choosing the right one can make a difference for success. Maureen guided us through how to approach the decision and how to choose systems to fit our exact needs. Watch Maureen share her knowledge in the interview below. Also, check out her PowerPoint via and our media lab’s notes on her presentation:

Firefly Partners’ PowerPoint: Tips & Tricks- Select the Right Online Tool Set

Selecting an Online Tool Set to Manage Donors