Media Lab Magic: Ten Facts About Our Growth

Why, hello world! I’m Jordan, a Summer 2014 Media Lab intern. Since starting at the Next Mile Project in May, I’ve been curious to know the Media Lab’s tangible impact, so I crunched some numbers. After collecting data, I was able to create a list of ten quick facts that convey how we have evolved since our start in September 2013. (Fun fact – we are only in our third “semester!”).

Here at the Next Mile Project, our Media Lab works with our member organizations to produce an array of multimedia projects – including graphics, marketing materials, videos, websites, and other communication initiatives and strategies. The Media Lab is crucial, helping to tell the stories of our member organizations and informing local and global communities about their work. Check out these numbers to see how we have contributed to the Next Mile Project’s growth!

The Next Mile Project has…

  1. 24, 454 total website views
  2. Website views from 96 different countries (the top five being: U.S, India, United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil)
  3. 450 Facebook likes
  4. 2.3K people reached from Facebook posts
  5. 530 Twitter Followers
  6. 65 Instagram Followers
  7. 30 Knowledge Shares (from Tuesday’s “Lunch+Learn” series)
  8. 63 blog posts
  9. 7 Media Lab interns from 4 different countries (China, England, Bolivia, and the U.S) in our Summer 2014 intern class
  10. 21 projects completed and 27 projects currently in progress by our Summer 2014  intern class

Be sure to check out our website’s “Knowledge Share” page, under “Virtual Learning Community,” to see Lunch+Learn posts, and our “Project Gallery” page, under “Media Lab,” to see projects done for nonprofits, as well as our “Interns” page, under “Media Lab,” to learn more about our Summer 2014 Media Lab Interns!