Boston Pride Diplomatic Reception Promo Video for SAAC

Lindsay, a Journalism and Film intern in our media lab, worked with the South Asian Arts Council (SAAC) to edit a promotional video (that she also filmed) of the Boston Pride Diplomatic Reception. The diplomatic reception was held at the Next Mile Project on June 6th, 2014. It was a collaboration between Boston Pride and SAAC to provide consuls, delegates and representatives from around the world with the opportunity to meet with the Pride organization. Attendees were also provided with the opportunity to meet with LGBT programming to show a focus on a global perspective through social engagement and activism, as they spoke from the heart with personal accounts. The promotional video captures the diverse environment of the diplomatic reception and highlights community leaders who discuss and address issues of social justice and human rights in the LGBT community. The video also highlights those in attendance coming together to watch a promotional video for Boston Pride and the South Asian Arts Council’s panel on 377 LGBT rights in India entitled, “The Way Forward.”