Transformative Scale – The Future of Growing What Works

On July 22nd, we welcomed a panel from The Bridgespan Group for an interactive Lunch+Learn. Abe Grindle, Christina Triantaphyllis, Matt Plummer, Mike Levine and Jake Segal shared how to create “scaling that works” to actively solve problems and achieve truly transformative growth. With 9 specific pathways, the panel explained how leaders are experimenting to solve the gap between impact and actual need. See the 9 pathways here, and read the article from The Bridgespan Group explaining each pathway.

We split into discussion groups and addressed specific challenges. The topics included:

Cultural context:  Cultural context can easily get lost in a strategic plan, especially when expanding to new places.

Funders: Explaining the strategy for scaling up to donors and supporters can be a challenge.

Feedback loop: Knowing when and how to evaluate impact can be tricky when going through a scaling process.

Listen to Christina Triantaphyllis discuss these challenges and the pathways for transformative scale: