The Nonprofit Newsletter – A Crash Course

We welcomed visitors from the Boston community to join our nonprofits in a discussion on how to best create and leverage newsletters in order to share information with donors and supporters. The conversation addressed topics such as the frequency and medium everyone used to send their newsletters, as well as evaluation strategies, design, and each organization’s individual goals for their newsletters.

Here is an overview of the topics we discussed:

What is the goal in sending a newsletter?
– Remind supporters, donors, and the public you are still doing good work
– News, updates

– Storytelling

How do you send your newsletter?
– Hard copy in the mail, sometimes with donation form
– Email

How often do you send a newsletter?
– Monthly
– Quarterly
– Yearly
– Only when there are news flashes
– When there is a fundraising campaign

Tracking data of email newsletters: 
– FACE Africa – 25-30% open email
– Tanzanian Children’s Fund – 30% open email
– MINDS – 32% open mail

For more information shared during our discussion on newsletters, read our notes:

Nonprofit Newsletter Crash Course