Final Stretch of Summer 2014

Rose Pollard, Media Lab Intern, Tufts University 2014

We are coming up on the final stretch of summer 2014 and the NMP nonprofits are hard at work! As a communications and marketing intern in the media lab, I love being immersed in the innovation of our nonprofits. I was curious about the creativity surrounding me, so I sat down with folks to learn about their recent accomplishments and goals for the remainder of summer. From stopping a ravaging epidemic to creating a total of four new websites, the work being done in the offices of the Next Mile Project astounds me.


Storm Portner – Henry R. Labouisse ’26 Prize Fellow, Wellbody Alliance

Storm’s top priority is assisting Wellbody Alliance stop the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. He has helped the organization receive a sizable amount of aid, and is now focused on distributing it across the entire country.

We are trying to shift the conversation more towards community-based approaches and understanding the community challenges that are helping the disease spread even more.

Storm is proud of Wellbody Alliance’s partnership with Sierra Leone’s government and other aid organizations, and the accomplishment of obtaining one of the biggest shipments of protective equipment and drugs. Storm’s summer goal is to stop the Ebola epidemic from growing and halt its spread.

Annie McCarthy – Development Manager, Komera

This summer, Annie planned and implemented the Komera Global Run. More than just a fundraiser, the Komera Global Run is a worldwide movement where people run to support young women’s education and empowerment. Annie is proud of:

…planning it, having a lot of people participate, and raising over $130,000 for Komera. That was pretty exciting.

Looking forward, Annie hopes to promote and find sponsors for Komera’s fall events. She is currently writing the curriculum for Komera’s first ever Girl Summit in October.

Hayley Dennis –Graphic Designer, Next Mile Project Media Lab

Hayley is working with member organization, NCD Synergies, to create an animated video describing its mission. She finds her work valuable and rewarding.

Animated content helps explain things easier than words and pictures. It can show the plight of people far away that you couldn’t connect to on a small budget for media.

This internship has expanded Hayley’s portfolio and she has already received recognition for her work at the Next Mile Project. In her remaining time, she hopes to continue the friendships with the people she met here and prepare for her upcoming third year at Northeastern University.

Eve Deveau – US Operations Manager, Gardens for Health International (GHI)

Eve is thrilled for her organization, Gardens for Health, which is in the middle of an exciting expansion. GHI is more than doubling its size by working in 10 new health centers in Rwanda. This summer, Gardens for Health has been training new community leaders from local villages and reaching out to families to spread the word about their efforts.

We will have the chance to see how our program looks when it covers an entire district of Rwanda. Every family in that district will technically have access to our program through their local health center. We are excited to see the impact on a larger scale.

Eve is proud of how close the GHI team got this summer. From Rwanda to the Boston office, she felt the staff of over 100 people remained connected. Interns and fellows from the U.S. and Rwanda bonded at an orientation in New Hampshire in early summer.

We had the chance to really get to know each other and get excited about the work that lies ahead. That was a really exciting part of the summer.

By the end of August, Eve hopes to have Gardens for Health’s new website ready to launch!

Adam Korn – Associate Director, Boston Network for International Development (BNID) 

BNID has been busy hosting four summer events after recommendations from their users to hold more Boston gatherings. Each event has had over 50 people in attendance.

With our organization continuing to grow and expand, this is a great barometer to show our progress.

BNID is also in the process of creating a new website. Adam collaborated with the Next Mile Project Media Lab to completely redesign BNID’s site. Adam’s goal by the end of the summer is to have a smooth launch of the new website, with the hope that it will be self-sustainable and streamlined.

Amanda Walker – Intern, MINDS Foundation

Amanda’s summer has revolved around designing a program to educate women in rural India about mental illness. She hopes the program will be completed and ready to implement by the end of the summer. Through her internship with the MINDS Foundation, Amanda has learned how to juggle different tasks at once.

I’ve learned how much I can handle and how much I can have on my plate at once.

After balancing social media, research, and marketing for the MINDS Foundation, she will call on the skills she learned as she navigates the professional world.

Amber Oberc – US Managing Director, Tanzanian Children’s Fund

Amber is eager for the launch of the Tanzanian Children’s Fund’s new website, which will be more interactive, have new content, and a new design. She is proud of the dynamic that her team at TCF developed this summer.

The ramp-up period [of training new interns] was time-intensive but it was really worth it. Everybody has truly pulled together and really understood our mission well. I feel like a we are a real team.

Through the rest of August, Amber hopes to spend more time outside!


As you can see from these interviews, our nonprofits are bursting with ambition and hard work. I am so lucky to have spent my summer helping those at the Next Mile Project! Every person here is immensely passionate and kind. I am excited to support all the nonprofits’ progress through the final stretch of summer!

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