Boston Network for International Development Newsletter

Aaron, a graphic design intern in our media lab this summer, helped the Boston Network for International Development (BNID) revamp their newsletter. BNID’s purpose is to serve as a point of connection for groups and individuals in the Boston area who are concerned with issues of international development and global justice. They send a weekly newsletter containing upcoming events and job openings. BNID wanted a new design that is more appealing to help increase engagement. Aaron started by looking through BNID’s MailChimp account and analysed the data to see what aspects of their current newsletter were clicked the most. He found the featured job and featured event were clicked the most. In the new design he made the featured job and event large, so your eyes are drawn to them when you first open the email. He also chose a template with big buttons and mobile responsiveness ensuring the newsletter would be easy to open on phones. The main goal was to simplify the newsletter and keep viewers engaged.  Take a look at the before and after shots below!

BNID old newsletterBNID new newsletter