Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

Rachel Muir held a webinar on September 9th for Network for Good: Nonprofit 911 on how to engage your board in fundraising. The Next Mile Project attended the webinar and found it to be highly insightful. Her talk covered a range of issues, such as addressing the need for board members to stop considering fundraising as the ‘f’ word. She demonstrated ways to redefine fundraising in order to change the connotation of it to board members. The main focus of the talk pointed to how nonprofits can engage their board members through direct treatment, inspiration, satisfying work, confidence building, and other practices.

Read notes from the webinar here: Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

Rachel Muir is the founder of Girlstart, a nonprofit organization aimed at empowering girls in math, science, engineering and technology. She started with a few hundred dollars and soon after raised 10 million for the organization. Due to her entrepreneurial and fundraising success, she has been featured on Oprah, CNN, and in numerous renowned publications.

Rachel is known for her skills in fundraising, marketing, media planning and leadership. Her expertise in fundraising has propelled her to become a successful, independent fundraising consultant. Today, she runs a consulting practice and leads a consulting program on online marketing and fundraising to aid nonprofits nationally.

Material from Network for Good: Nonprofit 911:

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