New Web Design for the Boston Network For International Development

Aaron Levenson, a burgeoning graphic designer who interned with us this summer, dedicated his time to revamping the Boston Network for International Development’s (BNID) website. This organization aims to serve as a connection between groups and individuals in the Boston area who are concerned with issues of international development and global justice. In order to better convey BNID’s mission, Aaron elevated what was once a rather stale site with a sleek, modern, current design. The interface highlights those pages that garner most user attention while affording prominent, simple paths to donate and sign up for the weekly newsletter. Due to the nature of BNID’s work, there are few photos that can adequately represent their cause. To surmount this potential design challenge, Aaron strategically utilized symbolic icons in lieu of pictures. The resources of the Next Mile Project and its nonprofit members facilitated Aaron’s project as he examined other websites and interviewed employees about what works and what doesn’t on their respective pages. Aaron’s redesign managed to increase the site’s utility while introducing a chic new look fit for BNID’s mission. Check out the improvements he made below!

Visit BNID’s new website here

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