Grassroots and Global Partners Response to West Africa’s Ebola Crisis

“Grassroots and Global Partners Response to the Ebola Crisis in West Africa,” a panel discussion with Ophelia Dahl of Partners in Health, Raj Panjabi of Last Mile Health, Raphael Frankfurter of Wellbody Alliance, Dave Norman of FACE Africa and mediated by Vilas Dhar, founder of the Next Mile Project.

We had the privilege of having Ophelia Dahl as our opening speaker describing the extent of the Ebola epidemic, the international response to date, and PIH’s unique and catalytic role in this unprecedented global health emergency.

Boston has been central to the response to the Ebola crisis mobilizing doctors and non-profits to serve on the front lines. Our community of 22 global and local non-profits includes three grassroots organizations — Well Body AllianceLast Mile Health and FACE Africa — working in areas heavily impacted by the Ebola outbreak. Together with Ophelia Dahl, they shared their first-hand knowledge of working in Liberia and Sierra Leone in the midst of the epidemic.

Check out a full length video of the discussion from partnering organization, New England International Donors, here:

This short clip from the discussion explains a main point the organizations wanted to get across to those in the room. It was created by Johan, a video intern in our Media Lab.

Ebola Panel Discussion Notes