Creating Memorable Mobile Video Content

Carol Liang, Media Lab Intern, Boston College 2015

It is important to understand the capacity mobile devices now have when it comes to video making. Using your phone is a cheaper and more efficient way to create memorable video content, particularly when travelling abroad. With the copious developments in mobile cameras over the last few years among iPhones, androids, etc. it is now feasible to make a strong, effective and professional video with simply a phone.

Videos are a great way to visually connect with people. Nowadays, more people look to their mobile phones to watch videos posted on social media platforms. In the article, “How to Create Memorable Mobile Video Content” on Marketing Land, three professionals discuss ways to create a notable video that will be recognized by the public. Scott Kramer, Director of Content Engagement at WCG, Jeben Berg, Creative Director at Google, and Steve Garfield, a renowned video blogger, give worthy recommendations. Here are 3 pieces of advice I found the most helpful:

1) Capture A Moment: Make sure to take into account what moments would be most beneficial and inspiring to others e.g. include only the most sharable portions of a speech or interview. Keep it short, maybe a minute or two, in order to ensure people won’t lose attention. Editing on your phone? Use YouTube Capture app to trim multiple clips and compile them to make a story in one video.

2) Cut the Fluff: With everyone’s busy lifestyles, people on social media don’t have time to listen to meaningless information — this could end in the person closing the video right away. Get straight to the point. Your main goal should be to get your viewers’ attention and not lose it.

3) Close-ups: Mobile phone screens are significantly smaller than the desktops we are used to. In order for the viewer to properly capture the significance of the video, and the detail involved, filming close-up shots are more beneficial!

Want more advice? Check out all of their tips here: How to Create Memorable Mobile Video Content: Tips from 3 Pros!