Making Online Giving a Breeze

Carol Liang, Media Lab Intern, Boston College 2015

Right now, if you work for a nonprofit, you are probably getting ready for your end-of-year fundraising campaigns. Many underestimate how much the design of donation pages on your website can actually aid with fundraising. The article, “Making Online Giving a Breeze”, on Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog, looks at ways to improve your donation page in order to attract more donors and bring in more donations. Here are a few valuable suggestions:

  • Include engaging visuals. Photos always attract more attention than words.
  • Nowadays, it is essential to make it easily accessible on a mobile phone.
  • Create a memorable thank you experience to make yourself stand out. Make your donors feel special.
  • Keep testing — you don’t want anyone having issues. The process should be simple and stress free.
  • Provide an option to make the donation monthly to get recurring donors.
  • Most importantly, make it easy!

In short, keep it simple, readily accessible, and visually attractive. Using a simplistic, yet attractive design is vital. Here are 3 nonprofit donation pages that can be used for inspiration:

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