Fostering Resilient Teams and Preventing Burnout During Times of Crisis

Join us Wednesday, November 12th, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Topic: Fostering Resilient Teams and Preventing Burnout During Times of Crisis

The Next Mile Project is fortunate to welcome Rev. Perry Dougherty and Charles Howes from Still Harbor to speak on how to promote resilience and prevent burnout in high-performing teams. They will be focusing on lessons learned and their experience working with individuals and organizations during times of crisis.

Since 2008, Still Harbor has provided spiritual formation & learning opportunities for hundreds of individuals through events, workshops, and individual accompaniment at our Center.​ Still Harbor also provides customized facilitation and formation programs for 75​+​ partner organizations, including Global Health Corps and Partners In Health​. Still Harbor​’s mission is to​ help individuals and organizations discover and deepen their sense of purpose, articulate a shared mission, vision, & values, and heal their communities and the world.

Rev. Perry Dougherty is the Director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation & Society of Still Harbor. She has a background in corporate training and development as well as non-profit development, communications, and management with social justice organizations.  She brings her personal interests together through her service by exploring where creative expression and narrative meet spirituality and social justice.

Charles Howes is the Deputy Director of Still Harbor. He brings over five years of experience in nonprofit development and communications as well as a passion for community building and social justice. He most recently served at the global health organization Partners In Health.
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