The Basics of Fiscal Sponsorship

The Next Mile Project and Boston Network for International Development are pleased to welcome Rick Levy, Executive Director of Lift Up Africa as part of Next Mile’s weekly Lunch+Learn series. Rick Levy will be answering technical questions about legal compliance issues, human resource requirements, financial accountability, and more.  The discussion will included a brief overview of the pros/cons of fiscal sponsorship, how it works, as well as more technical aspects of the process. The event is part of City Awake Boston.

Lift Up Africa (LUA) is a 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor that partners with East African NGOs to accomplish more good by effectively pooling ideas and efficiently using resources. Running a 501c3 is time consuming and expensive, but a legal necessity for fundraising in the US where there is a wealth of resources to be tapped. That is why LUA takes on the major costs and efforts so that more of our projects’ time and money can go directly to making a difference in Africa.

Rick Levy is one of the original founders of Lift Up Africa. He has a heart and passion for Africa, along with numerous other projects he supports in the United States. Rick has over 35 years experience in the leadership of financial institutions, with a particular emphasis on banking. He is chairman of the board of HOPE LoanPort, a non-profit organization that provides a data management and communications web portal to housing counselors and home mortgage servicers.

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