#GivingTuesday Advice

A recent blog post from Lane Jones, Freshtake on Content outlines 9 Ways Your Nonprofit can Still Participate in #GivingTuesday (Full Article). Since the big day is just around the corner, we thought it apropos to highlight and expand upon her

Tips to Increase Participation on Short notice

 Brand your Cause

1. Pick one or two primary missions to promote and quickly engage potential donors with your nonprofit.

  • Garner immediate support by keeping the message short and simple.
  • Though your nonprofit may be more complex or nuanced, focus on the few, bold, easily identifiable causes to gain the audience’s initial intrigue then slowly educate as they become more involved.

 2. Be specific as to where or to whom donations are going.

  • Telling your audience how you’re spending their money will complete the campaign’s story, make the mission more relatable and the end goals more persuasive.
  • Transparency instills confidence in the donor.

 3. Give your cause a face.

  • Compelling visuals will play an especially pertinent role in swaying supporters.
  • Tell a touching story with your carefully selected photos or info graphics.
  • Helpful Resources for building your own info graphics or editing photos:
    1. Canva
    2. Piktochart
    3. Easel.ly
    4. Infogr.am (FREE)
    5. Venngage
    6. PicMonkey (FREE)
    7. BeFunky
    8. Fotor

 4. Create a specific #hashtag for your campaign.

  • Narrow the focus from #GivingTuesday as a whole to your cause’s or nonprofit’s individual goals.
  • Allow users interested in your mission the ability to easily follow its progress.

 Market your Cause

1. Email all current and past donors to alert them of your #GivingTuesday goals and efforts.

  • Be sure to ask not only for their financial but also their social support. Encourage them to spread word of your campaign.
  • Provide links so recipients can easily share information on Twitter, Facebook, or their own email networks.

 2. Use social media!

  • Broadcast your goals across all platforms.
  • Enlist the help of your followers to share your campaign on their networks.

 3. Ensure that your nonprofit is connected with local news sources on social media.

  • Use any opportunity to garner free publicity.
  • Twitter is an especially helpful platform to use when trying to promote your campaign directly to news sources.