Last Mile Health Ebola Response Infographic

Our graphic design intern, Shadi, created an infographic for Last Mile Health to aid them in their Ebola response in Liberia. With the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Last Mile Health has been at the forefront in regards to appropriate case response and prevention efforts in Liberia. Training material was developed to ensure community health workers were well informed of the appropriate steps to take, in order to empower them with the right set of skills to use in their approach. To ease the process, Shadi constructed an infographic to deliver the information clearly, quickly and concisely to community health workers. The color palette and font used was based off LMH’s annual report in order to create a sense of consistency throughout materials. Take a look at her work: LMH Ebola Reponse Infographic 1, LMH Ebola Reponse Infographic 2.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.27.12 PM