There have been few things as gratifying in life as buying my first home with my husband and making it our own over the course of a decade in a half. When we bought the place it was, simply put, a complete dump. The walls were peeling, the stove didn’t work, the toilets all leaked. You name it, we saw it.

But that didn’t break our spirits!

We knew with a little work (it turned out to be one whole heck of a lot of work!) we could turn this pile of rubbish into the home of our dreams. Piece by piece we went to work, tackling whatever project stuck out the worst. At times it seemed like it would never end, especially as our kid grew up and life began to challenge us in all sorts of ways. But we stuck with it! Years later our home is a gorgeous masterpiece, our friends always tell us how beautiful the home came out. We are so proud and so happy to have this personalized place to call home.

My name is Pam Garcia, and I created Next Mile Project so that I can help others through the grueling process of creating their own home much as we did. Stick with it, you’ll be so happy you did!

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