Olivia Davis-Wilson

Olivia Davis-Wilson – Communications

Boston University, 2015

I am most motivated when working with people who are passionate about what they do. This is why I find the social entrepreneurs and staff members who are part of NMP’s community so inspiring. I believe the work being done at NMP can make an important impact on the nonprofit sector and I am proud to be involved.

During my time at NMP this summer, I aim to bring something new and dynamic to every project I work on. I want to be a productive member of this collaborative community so I can see the results of my efforts, continue to challenge myself, and further my professional development.

Fun Fact: I can lick my elbow!

Louise Carbery

Louise Carbery – Communications

Boston University, 2017

I decided to intern at Next Mile because I wanted to to aid nonprofit organizations while using my own skills. I want to someday work in the nonprofit world, so Next Mile Project is the perfect place to learn about the business of running mission-driven organizations.

My goals for while I’m here are to improve my skills as a writer and as a creative thinker.  I would like to use my skills to market humanitarian organizations through online media.

Fun Fact: When I’m not at Next Mile, I’m teaching diving part-time.


Matt Cobrin

Matthew Cobrin – Graphic Design

The New England Institute of Art, 2015

I’m interning for the Next Mile Project because the experience circulates around ‘community,’ and I love to make designs for an amazing cause. What amazes me about Next Mile Project’s Media Lab is that you’re embarking on several projects for several pro-bono clients (members in this case), and you’re working collaboratively with other people and from other fields of study. Living in an age of rapid, technological growth, collaborating with people, especially your audience, at the right time and in the right place is imperative in the real world, and especially inspiring action through compelling and direct storytelling and analysis to help communities.

I would like to develop my interpersonal skills while at Next Mile, because understanding people, especially a community, can enforce crucial, positive action. Empathetically listening and understanding people, I strongly believe, is a monumental vessel for creating memorable and authentic experiences through ‘anything.’ There are plenty of programs and techniques I would like to learn in my field, but design is nothing without the human soul. In fact, they’re helping you ignite your passion, crafting a soul that makes you manifest your ideas with great optimism and elation.

Fun Fact: I love to doodle and attend networking events to stay inspired in my spare time!



Tia DeVincenzo

Tia DeVincenzo – Photography and Film 

James Madison University, 2016

I intern at Next Mile Project for the opportunity to be completely involved within my working environment. I know that the interns chosen for the Media Lab are a diverse group of individuals. Working alongside them will broaden my knowledge on many subjects, and our collaboration will help further the Next Mile Project’s greater philanthropic goal.

My internship goals are to improve my skills in photography and film, while also learning new techniques from my peers on graphic design and communications.

Fun Fact: I learned how to ski when I was 18 months old!

Kevin Ferriera

Kevin Ferreira – Animation

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 2018

I am interning with Next Mile Project to align my personal career aspirations with projects that benefited the community. I wanted to intern in an environment where my skills could be a valuable asset.

My goals while interning with Next Mile Project are to utilize my technical skills while collaborating with others to further the common good. Working in an environment of like-minded individuals who want to help our world in their own ways will allow me to acquire useful, real world work experience. During this experience, I hope to contribute new and exciting ways in which nonprofits can utilize and benefit from animation.

Fun Fact: I once had a job where I ended up having to drag a port-a-potty across an abandoned airport.


Ann Martin Foley

Ann-Martin Foley – Graphic Design 

Samford University, 2016

I decided to join Next Mile Project because I wanted to be apart of a collaborative environment where I can work with people in other fields than my own. Next Mile Project and the Media Lab provides that for me, while also allowing me to grow in my own field.

During my time here, I hope to expand my knowledge in new areas as well as give knowledge to others who want it. Additionally, I would love to learn more about nonprofit organizations and be able to work with them throughout my time here.

Fun Fact: I’m probably the worst skier ever.


Will Gregg

William Gregg – Film

Ithaca College, 2017

I decided to intern at Next Mile Project because I wanted to be an active part of video production. Next Mile provides the opportunity for hands-on experience, while also making a difference in the global community.

My internship goals are to both improve my skills in film and to learn more skills from the other media lab interns. I would especially like to improve my photography and graphic design skills. In addition, I want to learn about the amazing things our member organizations are doing around the world.

Fun Fact: I have played baseball for almost my entire life.


Lizzie Liu

Lizzie Liu – Photography and Graphic Design

Boston University, 2015

I have interned in different working situations, including government, business and nonprofit. So far, nonprofits are my favorite work environments. Individuals working in nonprofits always show passion and care for their work. Next Mile Project is not only one organization, but a platform to work for a lot of different nonprofits.

My goals for this summer are to make friends with people and grow professional skills. I hope to use my professional skills to do something good and meaningful by collaborating with as many projects as I can.

Fun Fact: I love taking pictures of others, but don’t enjoy being the model.


Alex Meader

Alex Maeder – Graphic Design

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 2015

I am interning with Next Mile Project because I want an opportunity to combine my previous nonprofit experience with my desire to further develop my graphic design skills. It is also a tremendous chance to help small nonprofit organizations in an area where they typically don’t have much support.

While at Next Mile Project, I would like to take part in some assignments that allow to me push my design skills and create portfolio worthy materials. The Boston nonprofit world is very connected and I would like to further develop relationships in this tight knit community.

Fun Fact: I am super old (relative to the other interns).


Kelsey McEvoy

Kelsey McEvoy – Communications

Tufts University, 2016

I love the concept of community building as a vehicle for change. I felt I could bring my own unique skill set to help further the Next Mile Project’s philanthropic mission.

I hope to learn effective ways to inspire change through communication, more specifically how social media can help us become more altruistically minded.

Fun Fact: My brother and I always get mistaken for twins, but he is a year and a half older than me.


Lucy Orich

Lucy Orich – Film

Emerson College, 2014

I made the decision to intern at Next Mile Project because I wanted to combine my skills and passion for film with a organization I firmly support and believe in. As a documentarian, I was interested in learning and telling stories for a good cause.

During my internship, I plan to meet as many people as possible, to learn and tell organization’s stories, and to educate myself about Boston’s nonprofits.

Fun Fact: I acted as a kid and was an extra on That’s So Raven multiple times.


Emma Platek

Emma Platek – Film

Boston University, 2016

I wanted to intern with Next Mile Project because it is a unique opportunity to work on real projects for passionate people while learning from the other talented Media Lab interns.

My internship goals are to become more proficient in specific post-production software through the projects I work on, as well as to learn new skills outside my field from my fellow interns and the dedicated nonprofits I will be working with.

Fun Fact: When I was a kid, I invented a card game called four soldiers. It was great because I kept changing the rules so I would win.



Ben Walker – Graphic Design

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2018

I decided to intern at Next Mile Project because I wanted to use and strengthen my design skills while doing professional work for nonprofit organizations making a positive difference.

My goals for my time here are to make lasting connections, gain professional experience, and do work for these nonprofits that, not only I, but they can be proud of.

Fun Fact: When I was five, I was casted as a children’s car seat model for a Playgro advertisement.