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Name:  Haiti Cardiac Alliance

Field: Advanced healthcare, emergency services

Geographic Scope: Haiti

Mission: Haiti Cardiac Alliance, a close affiliate of Partners In Health (www.pih.org), works with partners to make cardiac surgery available to Haitian children who need it by:
1. Diagnosing increasing numbers of children with life-threatening cardiac defects, throughout Haiti;
2. Developing systems and platforms, like a national cardiac surgery waiting list, to make sure that children at greatest risk of death get matched with surgery first;
3. Matching more children who will die without surgery with willing surgeons and hospitals able to care for them, in the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, and increasingly in Haiti itself.

How you can help: Haiti Cardiac Alliance works closely with a wide range of partners and supporters to achieve its goals. Please consider joining us in this important mission by:

Offering financial support to make this work possible. We rely entirely upon donations to match children for care; your contribution will directly help us connect more children with the life-saving care they deserve. Please click here to donate.
Welcoming Haitian patients and families in the US and elsewhere. When Haitian children and their parents come to the United States and Canada for heart surgery, we often seek volunteer host families willing to welcome a family into their home before and after surgery. Opportunities most frequently arise in the northeastern US, but we do occasionally place children with host families elsewhere in the US and Canada as well. To learn more, please email us at info@haiticardiac.org.
Volunteering your medical and technical skills. We frequently have opportunities for pediatric cardiologists to join us in Haiti for short work trips; we also often have volunteer roles on our Haiti trips for others with medical training, particularly those with Creole or French language abilities. Here in the United States, we do offer volunteer opportunities in our Boston office; individuals with database management and related IT skills are especially encouraged to contact us. For more information about any of these opportunities, please email us at info@haiticardiac.org.
Supporting our partner organizations. Our partners do incredible work to make life-saving opportunities available to an increasing number of Haitian children each year. Please consider making a contribution, or offering your volunteer support, to these partners. For more information, please visit http://www.haiticardiac.org/get-involved/.