Name: NCD Synergies

Field: Noncommunicable disease (NCD), public health planning, global collaboration

Geographic Scope: Rwanda, Liberia, and Kenya

Mission: NCD Synergies facilitates technical cooperation between countries to fight the noncommunicable diseases of extreme poverty

With strategic interventions, countries can dramatically improve the treatment and prevention of noncommunicable diseases among the poorest billion. NCD Synergies partners with leaders to increase access to quality, effective care based on known best practices and existing infrastructure.

NCD Synergies will soon launch their website, an online collaboration hub bringing together those who are leading programs, advancing policies, and conducting research on NCDs among the poor. It will demonstrate that addressing NCDs is achievable in the poorest places, and give practitioners and Ministries of Health a starting point to develop a plan in their own context. By fostering cooperation and community, the website will provide a platform to move progress forward to make quality care achievable for those living with NCDs.