Broad Street Maps
Name:  Our Starting Point


Field:  Parent Education / Child Development


Geographic Scope: U.S.


Mission:  Our Starting Point is dedicated to improving the lives of individual children and our collective futures, by encouraging all parents to participate in parent education programs. Effective parenting is the lynch-pin link that will move us from the current state of our schools, communities, workforces, nations –  to an improved collective future.  Right now, literally, interaction- by-interaction with our children, we are creating the adults of tomorrow, and for the most part, we’re winging it.  We’re using a fly by the seat of our pants approach that’s been silently handed down from one generation to the next – and accepted as the norm.  We’re lead to believe it’s okay if we just figure it out as we go and hope for the best; all the while joking “they sure don’t come with instructions.” Our goal is to shift that norm to – if you have a child, you participate in parent education programs – you learn how to be an effective parent. Our children deserve that, their futures depend on it, and our world desperately needs it.