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Name: PeaceTones

Field: Fair trade music and musician empowerment

Geographic Scope: United States, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Haiti, Kenya

Mission: PeaceTones takes a unique approach to addressing economic empowerment worldwide.  We work with musicians as they can be powerful agents of change within their communities.  We train these artists in legal, marketing, and community development tools, produce an album with them which we sell online, and send 90% of net profits back to artists, a percentage of which the artists agree to contribute to their communities through a development project.

PeaceTones’ mission is to foster rule of law from the ground up and create sustainable incomes for musicians living in communities torn apart by war, protracted conflict and natural disaster. We believe that by giving musicians with positive social messages the tools to protect their music and earn an income from it, we’re empowering communities to create and sustain their own economies, based on arts that are powerful, inspiring and valuable.

We see ourselves as a fair trade music movement, empowering unknown musicians in developing nations with marketing and legal knowledge and access to online platforms to share their music globally. Using innovative learning and incentive models, we conduct expert-led workshops to educate these artists on their rights and tools to grow their careers.

Implementing a social entrepreneurship model, PeaceTones also operates as a non-profit record label for musicians that exemplify positive voices for social justice and demonstrate distinguished musical talent. With these musicians, we create fair trade business relationships coupled with mentor relationships to amplify their voices and talent. With the far majority of record profits going directly to the musician and a community development project of their choosing, PeaceTones is reducing poverty and injustice and creating an arts-led movement for peace, social change and economic development.