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Name: Suffolk Lawyers for Justice

Field: Criminal Defense Services

Geographic Scope: Suffolk County, Massachusetts 

Mission: The mission of Suffolk Lawyers for Justice is to ensure that poor people, both children and adults, accused of crimes in Suffolk County, receive competent and zealous representation.

Suffolk Lawyers for Justice was founded in 2000 to administer the delivery of criminal defense services to indigent people in Suffolk County. We are a non-profit organization operating primarily under contract with the Committee for Public Counsel Services. Suffolk Lawyers for Justice works with courts, state agencies, and educational institutions to improve the provision of zealous criminal defense services to indigent people in Massachusetts.

SLJ Board of Directors and staff oversee four hundred private attorneys who are appointed to defend clients in fourteen Boston area courts. Our attorneys handle approximately ninety percent of indigent criminal cases in the District, Superior, and Juvenile courts of Suffolk county. SLJ staff schedules members of the private bar to be present in the courts on specific dates for appointment to represent indigent criminal defendants.